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Paddle Core Classes Launch This Week!


mantrafitI am a self-professed sun worshiper. As soon as I was old enough to take the lifeguard test, I was in the pool treading water while clutching a brick over my head. Now, older and wiser, I have traded the baby oil for SPF (and sometimes a visor), but I still cherish the sensation of sunshine on my face.

So when I became a personal trainer, I thought long and hard about how I could incorporate my love of the outdoors with exercise. My lightbulb moment came with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) fitness. Hugely popular on the coasts, but still relatively new in our area.

Pretty soon after that, I jumped on a plane to Florida and became Level 2 Certified with PaddleFit. These guys are at the top level of the sport, and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a good video.

So now, I’m thrilled to bring to you Paddle Core – a glorious blend of cardio, core, balance, strength and BLISS.

We practice paddling form and technique, along with performing a series of core exercises and yoga style poses on the board. It’s challenging, restorative and unconditional fun.

This week, I launch Paddle Core classes at two locations: Manhattan Beach and SUP Annapolis. Sign up for classes online by going here.

I also love to teach to private groups. Friends, family, neighbors… Email me at to schedule.

And while we’re on the subject, click here to read about my Top Five Reasons to try SUP.

I hope you’ll join me on a board this summer!


Floating Warrior builds core strength and balance.

Floating Warrior builds core strength and balance.


  1. My aunt sent me your groupon offer. I have the same certification through Brody and paddleFit. And have a similar sup co. Up here in Mystic CT. My question is how you can afford offering 3 clases for the half of $49. .? Do you own your own equipment? I would love to hear from you. Good certainly willbe teaching lots of classes this summer.

    • mgadmin says:

      Pam, I do own my entire fleet. Since I’m a new business, you can’t beat the exposure of doing a promotion such as this. It generates funds, while also advertising my business. It may be my one and only for Paddle Core, but so far so good! Good luck with your business up in CT!

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