M A N T R A   F I X

Real Food

spring 2018
four weeks
MAY 6-JUne 3 


What you put on your fork is the most important thing you do every day.

Food is the doorway to living well.


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Exercise will not help you lose weight. Nutrition will.

Learn how to fuel your metabolism with food that promotes fat loss, gut health and reduces inflammation with meal prep recipes and strategies. 

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Fitness challenges & studio classes

Power your body and confidence with weekly strength circuits that develops muscle, which revs your metabolism and advances fat loss.

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Support Group

Coaching, community & accountability 

Health coaching, community support, body composition tracking and a private FB group to keep you inspired and connected to your purpose. 

mantra fix challenge

 Food is literally the most powerful medicine you have available to control your health and it all starts with taking out the junk, and putting in the good stuff.⠀

What you get:

  • A nutrition plan of what to eat, along with servings and portions to meet your lifestyle goals
  • Meal prep recipes that help you achieve a lean body, while healing your gut, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity and tasting really delicious.  
  • Weekly strength circuit designed to build muscle and accelerate fat loss. 
  • Behavioral health coaching to help you take action to adopt the real food lifestyle (long after the challenge is over). 
  • Community support to help you stay accountable and connected to your goals.
  • Challenge Facebook group that inspires you daily and surrounds you with people who elevate you and make you feel like anything is possible!

Movie Club

Each week, we will watch and discuss the following documentaries about our food, lifestyle and standard American Diet. 

(click title to view trailer)

Week 1: Food Matters
Week 2: Cooked
Week 3: Sustainable
Week 4: That Sugar Film

mantra fit severna park gym

Build your strength and surround yourself with people who support your lifestyle!

Challengers save $48 off regular one month pricing.
This discount is exclusive to Mantra Fix Challengers only!

Save time and stay on track with your nutrition with our prepared meal parnter,
Eat Sprout!

  • Select your meals and snacks from the Eat Sprout website for delicious, macro friendly meals that source ingredients from local farms
  • Deliveries are made to the Severna Park studio on Tues and Fri mornings. Meals will be stored in our fridge and are available for pickup when class is in session. 
  • For gluten free or vegetarian requests, email the chefs direct > Ryan@eatsprout.com
  • Take prepared meals home to refridgerate or freeze for later. Or better yet, heat in the provided microwave-safe package and enjoy it right away!
  • Absurdly good food from a nutritionist-designed & chef-crafted menu.
  • Locally sourced from local farms and delivered to your doorstep.
  • Organic ingredients that change with the seasons.
  • Rotating weekly menus so you never get bored.
  • Get a breakdown of macro nutrients with each meal