APR 15 - MAY 12


Warning: Feeling this good is addictive! 


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Meal prep to fit your macros with daily blueprints and recipes of what to eat when

Exercise will not help you lose weight. Nutrition will. Learn how to fuel your metabolism with food that promotes fat loss, gut health and reduces inflammation with meal prep recipes and strategies. 

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Online fitness challenge & studio classes

Power your body and confidence with a four week fitness challenge that helps you progress your full body strength with daily exercises that can be performed in your living room. 

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Support Group

Coaching, community & accountability 

Mindset coaching, community support, body composition tracking and weekly coaching check-ins to review nutrition and help you make better choices to meet your goals.  

Sample Daily Blue Print of
What to Eat & When to Meet your
Custom Macro Goals Set by Your Coach

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What you get:

  • Custom macro nutrient goals (protein, fat, carbs) based on your lifestyle and goals
  • Weekly meal prep recipes and plan to help you meet your daily macro-nutritrient goals
  • Meal prep workshop and grocery store tour - Date TBD
  • Daily blueprints of what to eat and when - customized to your macros
  • Meal prep recipes that promote gut health, fight inflammation, lose fat and taste delicious for your entire family. No making separate meals for yourself. 
  • Four Week Fitness Challenge that builds full body strength with daily exercises that can be performed in your living room
  • Mindset coaching because attitude is everything
  • Community support to keep you accountable and connected to your goals
  • Challenge Facebook group that helps you connect with your coaches and fellow challengers, while giving you the tools to succeed. Each day, our conversation will focus on the following topics:
    • Spirit Sunday (mindset and mantras)
    • Macro Monday (macro nutrition)
    • Tummy Tuesday (gut health)
    • Wilderness Wed (brene brown book highlights)
    • Thirsty Thursday (protein shake recipe)
    • Fix it Friday (meal prep tips and recipes)
    • Sweat Saturday (exercise/form tips)

What we expect from YOU:

  • Your commitment for four weeks:
    • Track food in macro tracking app 
    • Email weekly nutrition bar charts from My Fitness Pal
    • Enter weekly body composition metrics into tracking spreadhseet
    • Follow daily fitness challenge
  • Stick to the recipes provided to stay within a strategic set of caloric fat loss goals
  • Share your experience in our private Facebook group to help inspire and connect with other Challengers. 

Spring Challenge Calendar

Severna Park studio




TBD - Meal Prep workshop at Manhattan Beach Clubhouse (add'l charge)

Does not include studio fitness membership. Add the fitness option below to get sweat it out with us at our studios in Severna Park and Nabbs Creek!

Challengers save $48 off regular one month pricing. This discount is exclusive to Mantra Fix Challengers only!

Save time and stay on track with your nutrition with our prepared meal parnter,
Eat Sprout!

  • Select your meals and snacks from the Eat Sprout website for delicious, macro friendly meals that source ingredients from local farms
  • Deliveries are made to the Severna Park studio on Tues and Fri mornings. Meals will be stored in our fridge and are available for pickup when class is in session. 
  • For gluten free or vegetarian requests, email the chefs direct >
  • Take prepared meals home to refridgerate or freeze for later. Or better yet, heat in the provided microwave-safe package and enjoy it right away!
  • Absurdly good food from a nutritionist-designed & chef-crafted menu.
  • Locally sourced from local farms and delivered to your doorstep.
  • Organic ingredients that change with the seasons.
  • Rotating weekly menus so you never get bored.
  • Get a breakdown of macro nutrients with each meal