Clean Carb Challenge

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Welcome to the Clean Carb Challenge

We created this Challenge to help you understand that carbs are not evil, when the right kind and portions are eaten with right balance of protein and healthy fats. 

Achieving your desired body weight and physique is absolutely attainable when you prioritze nutrition, daily movement, sleep and mindful practices. 

It's a simple formula, but so many struggle with weight loss. Why? Part of it has to do with the misleading messages of the diet industry, along with our crushing additiction to convenience food and sugar. 

Wheat flour and refined sugars is the leading cause of inflammation, which is making us fat, unhappy and sick. 

It's time to get back to the source. Fuel our bodies with nature. Stock our kitchen with whole foods. Prepare food that nourishes and heals our bodies - from the inside out. 

Let there be no mistake, this two-week challenge is not a lose weight quick scheme. You will learn how to swap out flour and refined sugar carbs for nutrient dense vegetables, fruit and gluten-free whole grains. Your gut health, immune system, energy, mood, skin, hair and waistline will dramatically improve as you turn what you learn into lifelong habits. 

Step 1: Mindset

Your first reaction may be to gasp in horror. You mean you're taking away my morning English Muffin? No more toast?? Our intention is not to deprive you of food you love. In fact, we're going to introduce you to wonderful new recipes and ways to enjoy vegetables in place of flour products. If you stick with it, and prepare your veggies in advance, you will not miss your daily slice of toast, and you will certainly not miss the carb bloat. 

A natural byproduct of replacing flour with veggies, fruits and whole grains (rice, oats, qunioa) is the loss of bodyfat.

The big mindset shifts comes from you asking yourself each morning: How can I nourish my body today? 

The breakthrough happens when you start using food as fuel instead of a drug.

Food is not the enemy. It is the cure. Let's feed our potential to be our best self. 

What are your goals for this challenge? What brought you here?  

Whether you need a reset or you're here to make drastic changes, write down your goal for these next two weeks.  Display it somewhere you can see it every day.

Close your eyes and imagine the joy you will feel when you achieve your goal.

Let that feeling guide you on your journey.

There should be no suffering to become the best version of yourself.

No shame. No negative self talk.

If you make a mistake, you get back on track with your next meal. 

Doesn't it seem insane to make ourselves suffer in our quest to become healthier and happier?

There is joy in cooking, in selecting your ingredients, in planning recipes and in nourishing yourself and your family. 

Now that our minds are primed. How about our kitchen?

Step 2: Clean carb makeover

As we wean our dependence off convenience and highly refined processed food, it also means we have to throw out the crap and reconnect to our kitchen, fridge and pantry. The same goes for your purse, office desk drawer and car. Anywhere you look for food, make sure you have clean carbs on the ready: nuts, fruit, pre-chopped veggies, home baked flour-free snacks, a cooler with greek yogurt and high quality granola. 

Dump the dumb carbs! 

Think about the energy and willpower it takes to battle sugar/junk cravings. Why waste your attention on the crap? That's like allowing a toxic person to rule your day and mood with their crazy. No one has time for that. Shift your energy to stocking your home with food that heals and makes you feel good. 

Here's a list of clean carbs to stock in your kitchen, and what to remove from your environment. 

Add these foods to your shopping list and hit the produce sections with gusto! 

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