Mantra Fit supports your health and wellness vision through community, diet and lifestyle. Our team of health coaches, fitness instructors, and massage, acupuncture, meditation and reiki practioners help you optimize your health and well being so you can live the life of your dreams.

Our mission is to work side by side with our clients to create a blueprint for your health.

A little more about what we’re passionate about:

  • We love the outdoors. There's nothing better than fresh air in our lungs and sunshine on our skin. Bootcamp classes move outdoors in the warmer months, and Stand Up Paddle takes to the water all summer long. 

  • We love cross-training. Our wide range of classes boosts functional strength, cardio conditioning, balance and mobility, while keeping the mind and spirit engaged. 

  • We love life. It’s our firm belief that exercise gives you the keys to living a vibrant life. When your body moves better, your world expands. You say YES to new adventures. You discover how strong you really are.

You will see people of all body types, levels of conditioning and ages enjoying our classes. We have a strict no intimidation policy. Our community is made up of people who support and push each other to reach their FULL potential.



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