Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

may 5-6, 2018




Take your Aerial Yoga teaching to the next level!

Come share your Aerial Yoga teaching experiences as well as learn new ways to teach more safe and advanced poses in the aerial hammock. This training is a unique and fun way to expand your experience as a yoga teacher and the perfect way to earn 18 CEU’s.  This training provides the perfect opportunity to review what you have already learned and to strengthen your Aerial Yoga teaching skills. Bringing experienced Aerial Yoga Teachers together is the perfect way to gain new ideas, and freshen up your already fabulous Aerial yoga class.

Our 35 page Level Two Teacher Training Manual has been created to enhance the material that can be brought to a more advanced Aerial Yoga class. In our Level Two AYTT, we will work on developing a multilevel class from the basic sequence taught In Level One but with more advanced postures, assisting, transitions and modifications.

Curriculum, Practice and Teaching Level Two Poses and Flow:

In this training you will:

-Learn how to teach and enhance a more advanced Aerial Yoga Flow Class

-Refine your Aerial Yoga Teaching Skills

-Learn to teach Advanced Alignment and Aerial Yoga Postures

-Improve and create Advanced Sequences and Transitions

-Bring in elements of spatial awareness and dexterity

-Reinforce Yoga subtleties within challenging Advanced Sequences

What is Aerial Yoga? Aerial yoga is one of the newest blends of yoga and aerial circus arts, utilizing a silk hammock as a prop to aid the student in surrender during traditional postures that are difficult to achieve due to minimal flexibility or strength, physical injuries and often times, emotional fear. Aerial Yoga is an amazing practice and fun way to change up your traditional experience with yoga on the mat, as well as a teaching yoga. Practicing Yoga in the hammock allows you to discover and unleash your hidden challenges and strengths. It balances and encourages deeper and unique stretching through a traditional Aerial Yoga Flow class.

What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga Flow?
1. Physical Healing: Natural alignment and decompression of the spine and joints.
2. Emotional Healing: Opening the heart, hips, and core so that the student can go beyond their fear to inversion, creating a space for svdhyaya, self-study.
3. Spiritual Healing: Creating a new perspective, moving energy up to the crown chakra, broadening students understanding of who “I am” through the practice of isvarpranadhana, surrendering all to the universe.

Teacher Training led by: 
Kelly Kuder 500 E-RYT, 200 E-RYT
Co-Founder, Transcend Wellness & Yoga

aerial yoga teacher training


Kelly A. Kuder – (500 E-RYT) has practiced various styles of yoga since 2000 and never imagined the positive impact it would have on her life. "When I found yoga after decades as a professional dancer as well as Aerial and SUP Yoga, I was hooked. “ I thought what? I don’t have to compete?” I love how yoga grounds me, Aerial Yoga lightens me, and SUP Yoga allows me to "ride the wave."... bringing me to a place of balance and freedom. Having the ability to share the gift of yoga, SUP Yoga and Aerial yoga with my students is such a blessing. Kelly is certified with the American Council on Exercise, a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and holds Masters Degree in Dance.  She has also been Regional Manager for the DEA Youth Dance Program for over 13 years bringing free after school dance lessons as a creative and healthy alternative to risky behavior. Kelly is a mom of an adorable 13 year old and a rockin hubby!!  Namaste… let your light shine!

Aerial Yoga Level 1 Certified


Early Tuition of $490 enrollment deadline  April 5th, 2018 

Full Tuition - $545.00 (after April 5)


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864 Nabbs Creek Road
Glen Burnie, MD
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Our studio is located waterside at Nabbs Creek Marina. Showers and restaurant (Broken Oar Bar & Grill) are on site.

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