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Mantra Fit Clean Carb Challenge

Clean Carb Challenge Mantra Fit

Carbs are not the enemy.

However, many of us eat too much and not the right kind.

Flour-based refined carbs lead to weight gain, low energy, inflammation, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and digestive problems.

It's time to swap out the bad with the good: a rainbow of vegetables, fruit, legumes, rolled oats, quinoa and black rice.

Starting March 11, we are cleaning up our carbs with a two-week FREE challenge. You will cut out processed flour-based carbs and refined sugar from your diet: bread (even whole wheat), pasta, crackers, pretzels, breakfast cereal, pastries, etc.

We'll share recipes and meal planning tips, along with strategies to balance and portion your whole clean carbs in your meals. Buh bye carb bloat!

There will also be prizes, community and coaching support!

Join the Clean Carb Challenge & tell your friends! Tap both buttons below to get signed up and into the conversation.

Mantra Fit's Clean Carb Challenge officially begins March 11!

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