Welcome to Mantra Fit!

The Groupon deal has expired. If you purchased before the expiration date, follow these steps to redeem.

  1. Click above button to create an account in Mind Body, our class scheduling software. 
  2. Email askus@mantrafit.com with your Groupon code and we will apply the Groupon voucher to your class account. 
  3. Please read the information below to ensure you register correctly and arrive at the right location.
  4. Start signing up for classes! 
  5. Turn in your Groupon voucher to your instructor at your first class. 


You're welcome to apply your Groupon to any class on the weekly schedule at our waterside Nabbs Creek studio with the exception of Aerial Yoga on Tuesday evenings. 


    What classes am I allowed to sign up for? 

    Your Groupon allows you to sign up for any class at our Nabbs Creek studio, except ANY Aerial Yoga classes on Tuesdays. If you'd like to try Aerial Yoga, we welcome you to purchase classes at our regular pricing

    I'm just getting back into exercise. Should I avoid any classes? 

    The benefit of coming to a boutique fitness studio is the personalized attention by our high caliber personal trainers. All levels exercise together in every class. Everyone goes at their own pace. Modifications are given to work around injuries. If you're looking for more, then we'll always give you options to amp up the intensity. Talk to your instructor. They will work with you to tailor moves. And we like to get to know you! 

    Do I just show up to class? 

    All clients must reserve their classes in advance due to limited space or equipment in our studio. You will sign up using our class software, either online or via the super cool Mind Body phone app

    Can I use my groupon at both studios? 

    Your Groupon deal applies only to our Nabbs Creek studio, located at Nabbs Creek Marina. When looking at our class schedule, Nabbs Creek classes will have (Nabbs) in the class title. Otherwise, you'll see (SP) for our Severna Park studio. 

    Where is your Nabbs Creek studio? 

    Our Nabbs studio is located at Nabbs Creek Marina: 864 Nabbs Creek Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060. Enter Nabbs Creek Marina into your GPS - NOT MANTRA FIT.

    Park in the middle or lower lot. Walk to the brown building. Enter the door by the picnic tables and walk up to the second floor. We're the door on the right! 

    Bathrooms are located downstairs. Ask you instructor for the bathroom code. 

    Do you have showers? 

    There are two private showers per gender located in the bathrooms on the ground level. 

    What should i bring to class? 

    If you're coming to bootcamp, it's helpful to bring workout gloves and layer up. You may be outside. If you're coming for barre or yoga, you can bring your own mat. We also have mats available. For Aerial classes, please refrain from wearing sharp jewelry and make sure your nails are filed to preserve the integrity of the silk hammocks.

    Don't forget your water and determination!

    I'm trying to sign up for a class, but it's not working!

    Shoot us an email. Dawn or Carleen will respond quickly. askus@mantrafit.com

    I love the classes and want to continue after my Groupon expires! 

    We thought you might get hooked! You will select from our regularly priced memberships, which can be viewed here. 

    I found this page by accident. How do I get in on the groupon deal?  

    Well then, it's your lucky day! Click here to score our Groupon deal for Nabbs Creek studio classes.