Summer Scorcher Circuit

Sometimes we need a good burner of a workout that makes us feel alive. The beauty of a high intensity workout is that they are short and sweet, maximizing your time as it revs up your metabolic engine.


5 Rounds
1 min jump rope skips
1 min burpees
1 min plank
1 min stairs
1 min rest

Total time: 25 minutes
Exertion level: 9/10
Workout type: Anaerobic


This circuit is excellent for advancing your lactate threshold with anaerobic intervals that help you develop your power and speed when an all out effort is required.


This workout was performed in Carleen’s backyard. Don’t have steps at your location? Run up a hill or jump on a park bench. Don’t have a bench or hill? Replace with sprints. Can’t jump at all? Replace jump rope with step ups on bench and replace stairs with a cycle or rowing interval. Make it work for your body. Even when you modify, push the intensity so it feels uncomfortable.

During your rest interval, practice breathing in and out through your nose to bring your body into a state of calm, maximizing your recovery, which allows you to hit the next round with big intensity.


The struggle makes me stronger.