Picnic Table Circuit

What if I told you that a picnic table is a hella great piece of fitness equipment. Here’s one of my favorite circuits that works upper body and lower body strength along with a high intensity burst that builds your power and anaerobic conditioning.


Round 1

60 sec bench jumps

2 reps of each strength move

Rest as little as possible between rounds

Round 2

50 sec bench jumps

4 reps of each strength move

Round 3

40 sec of bench jumps

6 reps of each strength move

Continue to Repeat this pattern

30 sec, 8 reps

20 sec, 10 reps

10 sec, 12 reps

Strength Moves

standing plyo push ups

Side step ups R

Side steps ups L

Tricep Dips

Lunge R

Lunge L

inverted shoulder taps (left, right = 1)

Hollow rocks

Total time: 20-30 min
Exertion level: 7/10
Workout type: Anaerobic & Strength


Maximize your time with a full body strength workout that mixes high intensity intervals to build your anaerobic threshold and rev your metabolic engine.


For cranky joints, modify moves by eliminating jumps. Step up on bench instead of jump. Lunge instead of lunge hops. You get the point.


My body achieves what my mind believes.