Mobility Flow

Mantra Fit’s Health and Movement Coach, Carleen, guides you through a healing mobility flow to get blood and oxygen circulating into joints and tissue. Perform as a dynamic warmup or slow your roll to support recovery.

Perform this flow for as long as it feels right - anchoring to your breath by inhaling and exhaling through your nose.


This flow is ultra versatile. Sneak in a few tricep push ups between your down dog and up dog to build upper body strength or weave in plank hip dips to wake up your obliques. If stretching is your focus, you can easily throw in a few of your favorite yoga poses: pigeon, deep squat, happy baby. This is your template to make uniquely yours. Do what feels good for you in the moment.


Mobility and stretching is integral to your well being. If you’re just getting back into a movement routine, this is a beautiful place to begin. If you’re a bootcamp devotee, who only focuses on building strength, or a runner who only goes after mileage, you are heading down a rocky road to injury. You will feel stiff in the beginning, and then you will start to loosen up. Pay attention to the health of your joints and connective tissue so your body can continue moving energetically and with vitality.


The better I move, the better I live.