Massage Therapy

Sarah Bee, RMP

Professional Massage Therapist

(301) 520-6821

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Mantra Fit welcomes massage into our portfolio of wellness services at our Severna Park studio. While massage has increased in popularity in our modern day, it’s an ancient therapy for pain relief and health care since as early as 3000 B.C.

benefits of massage therapy

  • relax muscle tension

  • increase circulation

  • lower blood pressure

  • support the immune system

  • decrease inflammation

  • provide pain relief

  • reduce stress, anxiety and depression

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Massage pricing

30 Min Massage …. $35
60 Min Massage …. $70
90 Min Massage …. $110
120 Min Massage …. $130

add ons

$10 Aromatherapy
$15 Delux Hydrating Scrub
$15 Contrast Treatment (Hot towels and Bio-freeze targeted to most stressed areas)


Book your massage by contacting Sarah Bee directly:

(301) 520-6821
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About Sarah Bee

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I’m a Registered Massage Practioner practicing for more than eight years, graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2011.

Teaching people about their bodies is a passion that I bring into my bodywork. My goals is to not only help my clients today, but to empower them to live a life that will help them reach their overall health vision. The more aware we are of our bodies and habits, the more wellness we can experience.

I love the science and art of massage so much that also teach massage at Cortiva Institute, where I focus on being a better therapist every day, teaching the magic of massage to others.

I bring my skills, knowledge and experience to every session to help you on your journey. Contact me directly to schedule your first session.