2019 Board Storage / Nabbs Creek


2019 Board Storage / Nabbs Creek

from 240.00

$420 / 12 MONTHS

$240 / 6 MONTHS*

*If room is available. Please contact us to check on space at carleen@mantrafit.com

Boards must be 12’6” or under to fit in storage container.

Storage holders will receive a code to the container to access your board at your convenience. Please be conscious of the other storage holders’ boards, and take care when loading and unloading your equipment.

Board storage includes 2019 SUP Launch Pass on Nabbs Creek.

  • All Launch Pass Holders will receive a sticker that must be applied to board or paddle.

  • Launch passes apply to the pass holder ONLY.

  • Paddlers much launch from Mantra Fit’s dock ONLY.

  • If you have a paddle buddy joining you, they must purchase a $5 buddy pass HERE.

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