R E A L  F O O D  R E S E T

Reboot your body,
metabolism and fat loss.

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Together, we will get back on track! 

Sept 16-Oct 15

10 DAY BIB* 
Oct 16-25

*BIB = Bring It Back
During the 10-Day BIB Phase, we systematically reintroduce off-plan foods one at a time to help you monitor how your body responds and learn what food contributes to your overall health.


What you put on your fork is the most important thing you do every day.

Food is the doorway to living well.


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nutrition coaching, customized macro tracking, meal templates

Feel your best ever! Heal your gut, reduce infammation, and reset your hormones with a prescription of real food - the most powerful medicine for your body, mind and spirit. 



Daily movement, Strength training

Get inspired to move and learn how to be efficient with exercise to design a lean, strong body.




group support, motivation, accountability

You are not embarking on the Real Food Reset alone. Our community of fitness and healthy minded people will lift and support you to your goals. You will feel the power of community in our private Facebook Reset group, virtual Zoom live chats, and inside our studio walls. 

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what's included:

  • A comprehensive nutrition plan detailing what foods to eat and eliminate over the 30 day program with the direct support of Mantra Fit health coaches

  • A Bring it Back plan of how to reintroduce foods from the off list over a 10 day BIB Phase

  • Custom macro goals and coaching to help you identify the right protein/carb/fat balance for your lifestyle

  • Food journal weekly coach review and feedback (using My Fitness Pal)

  • Meal prep class, recipes and inspiration

  • Weekly meal templates

  • Real Food Reset recipes that your entire family will enjoy

  • Private Facebook group

  • RFR community support from Day 1 to Day 40. Everyone is starting and ending this program in real time together!

Need help in the kitchen?

Our friends at Eat Sprout can customize prepared meals for your lifestyle.

  • Select your meals and snacks from the Eat Sprout website for delicious, RESET-friendly meals that are prepared and ready to eat!

  • Deliveries are made to the Severna Park studio on Tues and Fri mornings. Meals will be stored in our fridge and are available for pickup when class is in session.

  • Locally sourced from local farms and delivered to your doorstep.

  • Organic ingredients that change with the seasons.

  • Rotating weekly menus so you never get bored.

  • Get a breakdown of macro nutrients with each meal

  • Email special dietary requests to Ryan@eatsprout.com

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Build your strength and surround yourself with people who support your lifestyle!