WINTER 2019 
R E A L  F O O D  R E S E T

Reboot your body,
metabolism and fat loss.

paleo reset nutrition

For 30 Days, we will bring our body and minds back to a clean slate with real food. Breaking free from sugar cravings and ending the confusion about what to eat and when!

There is no calorie counting, macro tracking or supplements. You are using food as medicine to optimize your health.

When you focus on your health, the following benefits come naturally:

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Jan 6-Feb 2

10 DAY

Feb 3

The reintroduction phase provides a systematic plan for bringing back gray area foods (dairy, legumes, alcohol, grain) into your diet, helping you understand what food serves your health, and what does not.


What you put on your fork is the most important thing you do every day.

Food is the doorway to living well.


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health coaching, grocery store tour, meal prep planning & recipes

Real food is powerful medicine! When you eat a balanced mix of protein, fat and carbs, radical shifts take place in your body and brain. You will lose weight, heal inflammation, feel energized, sleep restfully and power up all areas of your life



Daily movement, Strength training

Get inspired to move and learn how to be efficient with exercise to design a lean, strong body.



group support, motivation, accountability

It’s proven that when you surround yourself with people who share your lifestyle, you are more successful at reaching your goals and continuing on a path of health. That’s what makes our program so powerful. You will feel meaningful connection to your values every day through our private FB group, group health coaching sessions, and studio fitness classes. You will thrive off the social support of our community.

health coaching severna park
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what's included:

  • A comprehensive real food nutrition plan detailing what to eat and avoid over our 30 day program.

  • Weekly health coaching group sessions at Mantra Fit’s Severna Park studio and virtual

  • Grocery store tour

  • $20 off a 5, 10 or 20 Mantra Fit Class Pass with discount code: RealFoodHeals

  • Reintroduction plan to bring back and monitor your body’s response to gray area foods to understand what is or isn’t tolerated well (dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol)

  • Meal prep class, recipes and daily inspiration

  • Real Food Reset meal ideas and recipe sharing that your entire family will enjoy, including Instapot and AirFyer meals

  • A mindfulness practice that will help you alleviate stress, and bring balance back to hormones, gut health and your relationship with yourself

  • Private Facebook group

  • RFR community support from Day 1 to Day 40. Everyone is participating in the Reset together!

Your comeback starts Jan 6th!

whole 30 annapolis