What is the SURFSET® workout method?

The SURFSET® workout method is a fitness program inspired by surfing. SURFSET® is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, balance and core training in one 45 minute routine on top of a custom made unstable surfboard. Mantra Fit uses SURFSET® to push your limits for ultimate results. This workout focuses heavily on the core, where all of our strength and body control stem from.

What are the benefits of SURFSET® classes?

SURFSET® is designed to combine the benefits of cardio training, strength training and balance training in one workout. This means improved aerobic conditioning, lean muscle build, increased core strength, agility, power, stability, flexibility and balance.

We focus on athletic movements that incorporate all major muscle groups and the tiny stabilizer muscles that give your body shape and definition. SURFSET® will help define your triceps for shapely upper arms, strengthen your obliques for a tight, toned torso, and work your legs in isometric contractions for that long, lean surfer look.

How many times a week should I take SURFSET® classes?

SURFSET® is a truly comprehensive full body workout that covers all of the fitness bases and you can do it 5-6 times a week if you’d like! It's definitely up to you how many SURFSET® classes you’d like to take.

How many classes until I start seeing results?

You will start seeing and feeling results after just two classes. The most pronounced results are firming of the triceps/upper arm and tightening of the core and sides. And you will see how quickly your balance and SURFSET® skills improve within the first week!

How many calories does a SURFSET® class burn?

It depends on your size and body composition, we have had ranges from 400 per class to 900 per class, with a 140 pound woman burning on average 500 calories per class. And don’t forget that you are building lean muscle, which accelerates your calorie burn and increases your metabolism throughout the day. So even when you finish class and drive home, you are burning more calories than usual. This is why strength training is so beneficial!

What should I wear to a SURFSET® class?

Wear something comfortable, similar to what you would wear to a yoga or Pilates class. We recommend tight fitting pants or shorts, so as to avoid tripping when popping up on the board. No shoes necessary in class, just as if you were stand up paddling or surfing.

What equipment is used in SURFSET® workouts?

SURFSET® workouts use the SURFSET® Board, the world’s first total-body surf trainer designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard on water.

How is the SURFSET® Board different than other balance trainers, like an IndoBoard® or a Bosu® ball?

The SURFSET® Board is built using a custom made surfboard, engineered to allow you to perform a wide array of traditional exercises on an unstable surface. Other balance trainers cannot truly mimic the workout of stand up paddling or surfing, as they are generally too unstable, too small, and do not provide the same shape and movement of a board on water.

The SURFSET® Board allows you to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, power, agility, stability and tone in addition to core and balance training. Other balance trainers claim to offer one or two of these benefits.


Can I use the SURFSET® Board if I have never surfed?

Yes! SURFSET® is an awesome way to introduce your body to the movements of surfing. It may be a challenge for you to work on the most difficult setting, but you can start at a beginner level and work your way up as your balance, core strength and surfing muscle memory improve.

Can I use the SURFSET® Board if I am not very fit or have not worked out in a long time?

Yes! SURFSET® is adjustable for all levels, even for someone with less than ideal balance and a lower fitness level. SURFSET® was created to inspire people who have been disillusioned and bored by other workouts. So even if it's been years since you’ve stuck with an exercise program, the RSX will engage your body and mind to elevate your fitness.

What if I have an injury or I’m pregnant?

SURFSET® workouts are high intensity but low impact, meaning you will get all of the physical benefits without damage and overuse of fragile joints. If you have an injury, consult the guidance of a professional before beginning any exercise regimen. If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor before before beginning any exercise regimen. This workout is very core intensive.

How big is the SURFSET® Board?

The Board has a footprint the size of a regular yoga mat. It measures 5 feet, 10 inches in length by 2 feet in width, and sits about 11 inches off the ground.

Is there a weight or height limit for someone using the machine?

The Board is weight tested to 450 lbs. The custom surfboard is injected with a very strong foam to ensure it will not break or crack while you exercise. Some exercises (like planks, pushups etc) will be more challenging for someone over 6 ft 4 inches, and of course the taller you are the higher your center of gravity which makes balancing on a surfboard a challenge. The Board is a great tool to develop superior balance and core strength regardless of height.


Does using the SURFSET® Board feel like real surfing?

Yes! The Board was created to perfectly mimic the feeling and the physical demands of stand up paddling or surfing. The unique side to side motion of the board feels just like floating atop the water on a board, and allows you to train the same muscles as a paddler or surfer without the ocean.