Corporate Wellness Coaching

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Corporate Wellness Coaching


Class 1 (March 22)

Fitness: Strength/Conditioning

  • Template and workout routine for on-site gym

  • Build confidence and understanding of how to use weights and gym equipment

  • Prevent injury through building core, joint and muscular strength

  • 5 min dynamic warmup + 15 Strength Metabolic Circuit + 5 min recovery stretch

Nutrition: Lunch / Post Workout Meal Prep Workshop

  • Mason jar salads for everyone to enjoy at lunch, or take home

  • Meal prepping strategies for lunch and dinner

  • How to plan and prepare satisfying and nutrient dense meals with protein, fat and carbs to optimize health


Grocery shopping & food prep (2.5 hours)

On-site coaching (1.5 hours)

$75/hour = $225 (Coaching/Prep Total)

Mason Jar & Food = $20/Person

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