Corporate Wellness Coaching

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Corporate Wellness Coaching


Health Coaching & Movement

Fitness: Mobility Movement

  • 15 minute mobility exercise regimen to mobilize tight joints and strengthen joints after injury using tension bands and bodyweight stretches

  • Hip, shoulder, back, knees

Health: Meditation

  • Mental hygiene

  • 30 minute discussion and guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, and establish a mindfulness practice that helps one become self-aware of negative thoughts and quiets the ruminating mind - cultivating peace, calm, focus, and contributing to higher executive functioning in the brain’s prefrontal cortex

Nutrition: Inflammation (30 min)

  • Explore roots and herbs that help reduce inflammation in the body

  • Brew and enjoy hand-blended locally made anti-inflammatory tea

  • Discussion on how eating sugar/refined starches can cause inflammation and digestive issues and how to heal the gut, immune system and mind with real food nutrition


On-site coaching (1.25 hour)

Sourcing & shopping tea supplies (1 hour)

$75/hour = $168.75 (Coaching/Prep Total)

Tea Supplies = $5/Person x 12 people

Total $228. 75

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